EKO MiLPAP company is a producer and distributor of waste management machinery since more than 10 years. Thruogh this time we managed to gain trust from thousand of customers from Poland and all over the Europe. A good value for money products delivered by our company is our biggest advantage.

As EKO MiLPAP we produce:

  • Vertical baler for cardboard, plastic film etc.
  • 1100 l containers compactors
  • Horizontal, semi-automatic baler for cardboard, plastic film etc.
  • Horizontal, automatic aluminum can balers.

We also have a permanent offer of second hand balers, which are in perfect condition (fully reconditioned). These machines are prepared by our technitians before delivery and in full working order. We cooperate with many dealers from European countries.

Please contact us for more details!

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