Enviropac EN 30 HD – Bale ~350 kg

Price: 3 500 EUR

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Compact design, mechanical drive. The inverter and the worm gear cause that the device’s operation is quiet and gives very good results in terms of material compression. The 30 tons of pressure force and the weight of the bale up to 350 kg make the device handle a lot of material. Suitable for cartons and plastics.

Model: EN 30 HD

Producer: Envi Production AS

Engine: 4.4 kW

Production Country: Norway

Power Supply: 380 V

Machine Dimensions: 110 x 200 x 200 cm

Bale Dimensions: 110 x 75 x 100 cm

Pressing Force: 30 tones

Cycle Time: ~ 45 sec

Weight: 1160 kg

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