Second Hand Strautmann PP1207- bale weight ~ 400-500 kg

Price: 4 000 EUR

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Ideally suited for cartons, pet bottles, cardboard and electronic waste. The advantages of the device are the large capacity of the chamber and easy operation. Just like the EK 1107 model, it has a sliding door with the Quick-Door ® system, saving space, and the stable TopPlus ® punching system extends the life of the baler. The unusual triangle-shaped pressing plate facilitates the flooring of ready-made bales.

Model: PP 1207

Producer: Strautmann

Engine: 4 kW

Production Country: Germany

Power Supply: 400 V

Machine Dimensions: 1844 x 1067 x 2868 mm ( Height)

Bale Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 80 cm

Pressing Force: 57 tones

Cycle Time: 49 sec

Weight: 2400 kg

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