EKO MiLPAP HCAB1000 – Aluminium Cans Baler

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Machine produced on order. Pressing force 80 tones. Dimension of the bale 38x39cm, length / weight of the bale is adjustable. Siemens 22kW motor Dimension of the feeding opening 36x100cm. Hydraulic system on a multi-piston pump with oil cooler as standard. Siemens PLC controller. Oil tank 1000 liters on a separate frame. Adjustable knife cutting off excess material made of hardened steel.

Efficiency ~1200 Kg/h considering initial density of material ~50kg/m3.

The device operates in automatic mode after cans are loded, it makes pressing cycles until there is no material in the hopper.

Possibility to work with conveyor belt

Production time arround 75 Working days

Model: HCAB1000

Producer: EKO MiLPAP

Main Engine: 22kW

Production Country: Poland

Power Supply: 400V

Machine Dimensions: 491 x 122 x 213 cm

Bale Dimensions: 38 x 39 cm (Lenght adjustable)

Feeding Opening Dimensions: 36 x 100 cm

Efficiency: ~1200 Kg/h

Pressing Force: 80 tones

Weight: 4500kg

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