EKO MiLPAP VC1100 – 1100L Containers Press

Price: 3029 EUR

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Our newest machine EKO MiLPAP VC1100 is a press used to reduce waste volume directly inside 900 – 1100 l containers. This machine will help you reduce frequency of refuse collection, and thus reduce costs of waste management.

Main advantages of this producte are easey and safe operation. It has the ability to adjust the container support so that the device can be adapted to your needs.

Model: VC1100

Producer: EKO MiLPAP

Engine: 1,5 kW

Production Country: Poland

Power Supply: 230 V

Machine Dimensions:  120 x 98 x 190 cm (Max Height)

Pressing Plate Dimensions: 57 x 100 cm

Pressing Force: 3 tones

Weight: 235 kg

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